The Power of a Smile

We watch (are can be quite addicted to) shows like Law and Order, NCIS, Bones, Criminal Minds, CIS with sometimes little reality of their truth. Maybe I lived under a shell, but lately that has been cracked and showed the flaws in our society.

1. Mere BLOCKS from me, a woman was thrown down and a man attempted to rape her.

2. Down in the other direction, a few blocks from me, a woman was robbed a knife point.

3. In the past month, right in the middle of where my apartment is, there have been 39 daytime fire escape break ins. (Luckily, I don’t have a fire escape.)

4. Last night a car with 5 sober teenagers managed to swerve into the East River, 4 of whom died.

5. Today, while at the dog park, one mile away from where the teenagers were killed, 20 feet from where I was, a woman found a badly decomposed body of a woman with a bag over her head floating in the rocks by the shore in the East River.

Morbid, I know. But it is a reality we live in, whether we choose to face it or not. How have we gotten to this point? I’m not sure. However, I believe that, with a little love, our world can change. God speaks to me with words a lot when I’m at a loss of what to do. This is what He had to say today:

Just Smile

Pastor Laura Lentz preached at the last sisterhood on “The Power of a Smile.” I was reminded of that today. I love how she said that, “A lot of people will only experience the joy God gives us. They will see our smile and feel it. They might not go to church, but they can still experience it.”

Your one smile can affect one person and allow it to ripple down the line. Together, we can create a joyous nation. It’s a battle, but we can defeat the evil and darkness that we see every day because we have infinite joy on our side.


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