21 Day Sugar Detox – Day 1

For a little while, I’ve realized how much I love sugar – in all forms (candy/fruit/drinks/pastries/etc). I crave something sweet and have no limits when I find it. I always want more.  I kept reading about the 21 Day Sugar Detox and decided to pick up the book and give it a go through… as I ate a bag of Easter Starburst jelly beans.

(I am an addict and I admit it.)

For 21 days, I will not eat fruit (other than 1 unripe banana, green apple or grapefruit each day) any grain or any sugar or sugar alternative. Yikes.

My hope is that I will retrain my brain/body. That instead of looking to something loaded with sugar when I want to reward myself, or when I’m feeling blue or to eat away angry emotions – I can look to finding other ways of resolving the energy and more importantly look to my Creator who wants to hear what I’m going through and celebrate/comfort/help me find peace.

Last night my friend Melissa and I went out for a last hoorah (but really just to see each other!) before Day 1. We went to a 5 course vegetarian pop up dinner at Suite ThreeOhSix. AMAZING! Great food/conversation/company. Here is a little peek at what was for dessert… though you will never see it on the menu again because it changes EVERY weekend.

suite threeohsix

lemongrass ice cream + space fruit salad + guava whipped cream + almond

At the dinner, I also met the CEO of Bookalokal which is an awesome company that is like MeetUp for foodies. People host dinners at their loft/homes/wherever and it’s all about the community of people you meet and quality of food being served. There are Beatles or Food Quote themed dinners and so much more! I’m definitely looking forward to using it.

That brings us to Day 1 of the 21 DSD. I woke up ready for a chocolate smoothie that is in the book. However, said Coco-Monkey Smoothie is pretty bitter so it is already a little rough, but I’ll get used to it! I paired it with 2 scrambled eggs and was set to go!

Coco-Monkey Smoothie

1/4 avocado
1 cup almond milk
1 green tipped banana (aka UNRIPE aka flavorless and sweetless)
3 tbs unsweetened cocoa
2 tbs almond meal
pinch of cinnamon
small handful of ice (optional)

Blend together until smooth

1 Serving
Calories – 320
Fat – 17.5g
Carbs – 44g
Protein – 7g

Last day living with a sugar addiction! Aannndd fun with Melissa and the Japanese picture fixer upper.

Last day living with a sugar addiction! Aannndd fun with Melissa and the Japanese picture fixer upper.


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